The ‘Compelling case’ studies initiative

A number of schools that are linked to the e-Learning Foundation volunteered to help develop studies that quantify the impact of ICT on learning. Work started in January 2011 and has reached the stage where we have proved an approach illustrated by the two case studies here. The challenge was: - identifying and quantifying the changes in learning activity, stimulated and enabled by ICT, that are instrumental in helping pupils learn better and faster. - exploring how best to present the impact, and the compelling case, to the different audiences that need to appreciate this, parents, teachers, policy makers and the pupils themselves. Investigating the hard-to-measure impacts that teachers so often report, such as increased engagement with school and work, is challenging. The focus in these two studies is on quantifying the time that pupils have spent on those learning activities that are critical to improvement. In the Bedtime Stories study, from Broadgreen Primary School, there was a seven-fold increase in the number of times the pupils revised their stories. In the It Will be Weird study there were numerous examples of extended time on learning across the five studies on different aspects of the use of ICT at St Peters Bratton Primary School. To present the many different uses of technology at St Peters there had to be a lead story to catch the attention. The issue of the yr 6 pupils possibly moving to a secondary school where they would not be able to continue learning in the way they were used to presented itself spontaneously in conversations with pupils, with the statement ‘It will feel weird’ being expressed by more than one person. Study downloads - studies were initially being shared ‘anonymised’ while still under discussion with the schools, as the process of developing them raised some challenging questions. The two studies here, the videos as well as the PDF studies, are now cleared to be used under creative commons - Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 2.0 UK January 2011. Study outlines - conversations with the schools on where ICT is having strong impact produced these areas of impact that might be followed up as full studies. Overview of the project. All pages in the ‘Compelling case’ section of this website are authored in support of the e-Learning Foundation using the Double The Learning! Toolkit. Copyright © Double the Learning! Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 2.0 UK January 2011. Double the Learning! is a partnership service provided by Broadie Associates and The School House Partnership