“Pupils did seven times as many revisions to improve their writing, compared to writing by pen. Pupils achieved by the end of yr 5 the level of writing we were not expecting until the end of yr 6, and in some cases even more than we were expecting then! ”

It is time for teachers, and suppliers of ICT-in-education products and services, to challenge those unconvinced about ICT to look at the real impacts. Statements such as the headline really can be justified - see the 
Bedtime Stories compelling case study.

Our approach analyses the changed learning and teaching 
processes that result from using ICT. We provide friendly challenge to teachers to help them reflect on how they are changing their pupils’ learning. We help them to quantify those changes.

The impact of these changed processes in raising achievement can then be studied and the link to achievement made.

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you want to be able to say “We get double the learning!”
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