Where to look for evidence of impact and guidance on how to achieve it - start here:

‘Compelling case’ studies - an initiative with schools linked to the e-Learning Foundation, to show the compelling case for all pupils to have access to computers and the Internet.

The imperatives for ICT in Education - pages to help busy school leaders, teachers, governors and parents to gain an overview of why adoption of ICT in education is vital.

The stories - the anecdotes, experiences and examples of the real impact of ICT. Understand how ICT is catalysing radical improvements in teaching and learning.

Studies and research - studies and research that support the professional assessment of impact by teachers.

Where next? I hope this website will help you focus your attention onto the ways you want to get best educational impact from ICT - leaving you with a burning desire to find out how.

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Commentary - 
a personal blog on the ups and downs of ICT in education.