When a school implements 3rd millennium learning, activities the teachers previously thought impossible to achieve with their pupils become possible. Approaches senior leaders thought teachers would never be willing to do are adopted. Time, space, resources and the affordances of technology are used in ways that could not previously be imagined. And this is possible in any school in any area.

A key drive in establishing the 
Naace 3rd Millennium Learning Award is the realisation that UK schools inevitably have to go through an uncomfortable period where some schools offer their pupils a hugely better education than others. Whole cohorts of children will suffer a poorer education than they deserve. The only sensible response is to try to get through this divisive period as fast as possible, which means spreading the insights of those schools that are inventing 3rd millennium learning as fast as possible.

The 3rd Millennium Learning Award gives a insight into how schools are working that is not otherwise possible without visiting the school and talking to staff and pupils. 
To get the full insight you will need to join Naace, in order to see the commentaries submitted by the Award-winning schools, as well as the publicly available videos the schools have created, to explain to parents how their school provides a 3rd millennium learning experience.

What is 3rd millennium learning?

Why do 3rd millennium learning approaches enable pupils to achieve more?